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For businesses, resistance to social media is futile. Your competitors are already there. Your customers have been there for a long time. If your business is not putting itself out there, it ought to be.

The problem is, most businesses are treating social media as just another marketing channel. When in fact, it’s a lot more than that. Used effectively, social media can help businesses with public relations, customer service, loyalty building, collaboration, networking, thought leadership, customer acquisition and online reputation management.

The Challenge for Businesses

While it takes very little effort to get on to social media, it’s not as easy to break through the clutter. As the social web continues to saturate, businesses require a strategic solution that will enable them to truly leverage social media and derive maximum business benefits in a cost effective and scalable manner.

With a deep understanding of social media channels and a finger on the pulse of new trends on the social web, Carino can help businesses, from large corporations to small startups, embrace social media- transforming it into an integral part of their marketing communications.

Whether you need management of your entire social media presence or staff training and consultation, we provide you with next generation social solutions for better brand engagement.

Our Approach

Social media may be all that “buzz” today but the ultimate question that every business asks is; Will it work for us? The answer; it works when it creates business value and not just buzz. We believe in putting business sense back in the buzz and focus on delivering concrete business benefits by converting the potential of Social Media into measurable benefits.

· Determine your Social Media objectives

What do you hope to achieve?

· Identify relevant KPIs

What metrics would define success?

· Identify the audience and the opportunity

Audience drill down, media consumption behavior, connection and conversion points

· Develop strategy and execution plan

Platforms, content, promotions, integrating technology, campaigns and projections

· Strategic Social Media Management

Community building, customer loyalty, lead generation, customer service, reputation management, brand amplification

· In-depth Analysis with actionable insights

Acquisition+Behaviour+Outcomes= Business results

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