Legacy Application Mordernization


Transforming today’s solutions for tomorrow

While market competitiveness thrusts companies to improve service delivery through newer technologies, most are still reluctant in abandoning their existing legacy applications. The fact that they consume more maintenance budget is often over-ridden by the dependency of company operations on legacy applications; as well as it being a tedious job.

The Road to Modernization

Even though the software solution that your business has used since forever may be working fine, a smart legacy application modernization will increase its efficiency, performance, and usability. We understand that software modernization or transformation can be an overwhelming challenge. But with an experienced partner to facilitate your big shift, it could turn into a unique milestone that sets you apart from the competition – ensuring better usability, higher performance standards and enhanced stability.

Our Approach

Carino offers a consolidated approach to LAM. Owing to our extensive experience in legacy environments, we have delivered complete application migration and modernization strategies for clients across a wide range of industries. While retaining the functional aspect of your legacy software we successfully implement application modernization as per your business requirements. We analyze your current software infrastructure and recommend the application modernization changes that are relevant to your needs, business processes, and goals. We suggest software application modernization that comes from our years of experience and widespread knowledge of industry trends. Through technology innovation we enhance your business performance and help reduce your development and maintenance costs.

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