Software Customization


Carino is an established software customization expert that has, over the course of its history, helped numerous businesses across industry verticals, derive more value from off-the-shelf software solutions. Our focus is on enabling you to reap a solid return on investment on customization projects.

Bridging the gap

As businesses race towards an efficient future, the adoption of software solutions across departments has become crucial for success. Software companies around the World have raced to meet and cash in on this opportunity. As a result, chances are, for whatever you could use software to do, there’s already a product or application out there in the market that’s been standardized to match the requirements of as many businesses as possible, including yours.

However, good businesses often have an element of uniqueness in them and this guarantees that you’ll find limitations in off-the-shelf solutions. Furthermore, as businesses evolve (or devolve), requirements change and software that once served its purpose, fails to meet changing requirements.

This is where Carino helps businesses derive more value from standardized software by bridging the gap between its existing capabilities and the unique requirements of your business.

Making Standardized Software Work

One way to do this is by utilizing your own manual labor, molding the data into a format that your software can understand and then doing a lot of time consuming and counter intuitive things to force that software into creating the output you require. Smart businesses realize the risks and costs involved in the inefficiencies of this approach. Smart businesses customize software to do exactly what they need.

How can your business gain with software customization?

If your workflow is dependent upon a lot of manual labor there is always room for software customization. A higher dependency on manual labor also means mistakes are easy to make, difficult to spot and expensive to rectify. Customizing software to match your requirements helps automate the process and thereby accelerate the entire workflow enabling you to get things done faster. Lesser involvement of manual labor significantly impacts the rate at which errors occur thereby making your business operate more efficiently and relieving you from undertaking the risks and costs of human errors or software limitations.

Customization is not the only way to get more out of the software that you own. As technology consultants we understand that sometimes the best way to enhance productivity is to explore new ways of using the tools that are already employed within your business.

Start a Software Customization project with Carino

With our platform agnostic technology expertise we help unearth these possibilities. While our software customization services help in bringing software closer to you, we can also help bring your business closer to the software with staff training and consultation. Drop us an email or contact us to discuss project details.

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