Support and Maintenance


In order to fully profit from software development and integration it is imperative for businesses to find reliable software support and maintenance partners. Irrespective of the nature of the applications employed in your organization, their smooth operation and timely bug fixing is simply, business critical.

Carino brings over a decade of software support experience with established practices and processes that organizations from across the world have relied on over the years. Having served as the hub for software support and maintenance for businesses ranging from startups to established organizations, Carino has acquired a reputation as “enablers” of expansion.

End to End Solutions

Our support and maintenance services span over the entire development lifecycle and are extended beyond deployment. By ensuring smooth functioning software we eliminate the expenses of down-times and customer headaches end to end.

One of the key reasons why clients choose to stick with Carino is our focus on planned software evolution. With established procedures we derive valuable insights that enable us to predict necessary software evolution thus paving the way for accelerated business growth. We monitor to identify increase in software operations and opportunities of functionality extensions. Combined with customer knowledge we derive ROI estimations that can be yielded from making investments in further modifications and recommend a software evolution strategy accordingly.

Value Added Support Services

As your support partner we guarantee availability of specialized development resources with specific technical skills required to make quick and efficient modifications to your software systems. Our value addition comes through in our effective sharing of knowledge and expertise that we have acquired over the years.

Support requirements vary greatly in terms of technical expertise required to offer effective support and the intensity at which they are required. While our platform agnostic technology expertise covers the former, our flexible support agreements ensure you can have user support as per requirement.


The primary objective of software maintenance procedures is to minimize software down-time. With our experience in latest programming technologies and products we are able to effectively minimize maintenance costs while insuring down-time is reduced to bear minimum. Our value addition comes in the form of recommendations for software improvements along with estimations on costs and returns on investment.

Our range of software maintenance procedures covers everything from environment configuration and analysis to backup configuration, development, monitoring and resolution of issues.

Our maintenance teams are consistently involved in optimizing maintenance methods for specific software solutions and implementing effective software monitoring tools for maximum efficiency.

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